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May 04, 2012 by Anonymous

Simply wanted to let you know that the crew who moved me this afternoon were fantastic. Actually, really good. Not a job I would really like myself but these three guys were fantastic, labored actually hard.

Apr 17, 2012 by Anonymous

This movers cost was right, the crew came as it should be. We did not wait, extremely pleasant wheelman, the crew offered a stepladder, an assortment of coverlets, ties, and dolleys no more money. The company`s car was incredibly big. They jammed the truck up inner recesses. The driver said my secretary that the manager made a great effort with the timetable to assure that the shipping ensues according to the plan, we truly appreciate.

Impressive Rates

Mar 20, 2012 by Anonymous

Once I paid them after the move, I had no regrets whatsoever because they honestly deserved what they charged. Movers had been absolutely brilliant. They had been in full management over the move. They did great to move the huge piano and they had been simply excellent whereas moving the heavy furniture using the slim stair ways. I am glad that I used them. I like to recommend Hoboken 1 Movers for a cheap and environment friendly move.

Fair and fast

Dec 01, 2011 by Anonymous

Based mostly on the evaluations I saw on the internet, I made a decision to make use of Hoboken 1 Movers for my move. I am glad that I did. They have been professional and provided one of the higher prices that I bought from different companies. They got here on the move day and did not surprise me with any further costs they usually had been very friendly. It s best to definitely choose this company for any moving wants

Oct 31, 2011 by Anonymous

That is the only occurrence we have called the movers. They performed a fantastic job. I suggested that team to a staff member. I did have a lot tiring episodes with some crews in the past. But this moving firm was a terrific disbelief. Incredible practical price tag, vast, cooperative support. That team were professional, showed impressive mind with all the household items wrapped and covered up all for the transport.

, 4.8 5.0 25 25 Their rate is all right, the crew came at the precise time. They didn t postpone, extremely fine wheelman, they sent a long ladder, sets of coverlets, fastenings, and pushcarts wit

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